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Zealicon Technologies offers full service web design and custom design and building web applications. From the bottom of the social network for personal development / bio / Myspace type sites, full websites and applications with database integration and Flash Audio Video Player.

We offer a free initial consultation web design - let us know what kind of site / program / project you have in mind. We'll probably have some questions, and then the structure of a quotation. If you like what you see, we'll go from there to build your website exactly as you want!

Social Network Development
Development of social network can help companies brand position ahead of the competition and provide a steady stream of potential customers. But any development of the social network is best for you?

Online social networks are online communities of people who share common interests and / or activities, or are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. In today's world of Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, social networking has become an important part of our lives. In business, social networking can have a substantial impact for your business gives you a way to reach potential customers, engage and interact with them at the opening of new frontiers and the distribution of rich dividends.
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Job Portal
The company only provides an excellent platform for jobseekers and employers to satisfy any other requirements in a professional manner. It is not only an opportunity for job seekers, but does increase the knowledge of various information technology, such as news, newsletters, success stories of professionals who is a member of the forum and career resources.

Company website provides free registration for employers to create more options for job seekers. The company has a large database of jobs in virtually every industry. Jobseekers can search jobs based on their interests.
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Flash Video Player
Our Flash Video players are designed to make it easier for you to have more video clips on the site. Video Players offer a wide selection of styles, features and configuration methods. We hope that the one that meets your needs. If you need something more unique - personalized with your logo, colors, etc. - please visit our Custom Skins.
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Flash Audio Player
Top Zealicon Technologies International Development Group Limited was founded in 2002, we are primarily R & D and vegetable products such as Media Player for MP3, MP4, MP5, digital photo frame, USB flash drives, etc. We promise to serve better the quality of the product. 24 hour service, faster delivery, value for money goods.
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