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Our professional services experts phpBB development and adaptation of signs of mold on the site according to your wishes and requirements.  PhpBB integration process includes adjusting the front page, and changes in design, color combination of the header and footer and make sure the customer support. phpBB customization at Zealicon Technologies includes forum integration and forum layout customization, in which phpBB forums design is suitable as per customers site. Quality, stylish and user-friendly forums by Zealicon Technologies, delivered to customers at low cost.

phpBB customization services offered by Zealicon Technologies are:
  • phpBB customization
  • phpBB development
  • phpBB forum integration
  • phpBB template development
  • phpBB website and forum maintenance

Our company Zealicon InfoTech has invested time and effort in developing internal talent PHP. The Team of PHP software technology is capable of providing customized solutions in phpBB advanced in all versions of phpBB, as phpBB, phpBB2 and phpBB3.

Zealicon Technologies also offers a forum phpBB and maintenance of websites. We know that developing a good application is not sufficient, but the main part is the maintenance to keep the site running. Efficiently maintaining databases, avoiding spam on the forums, and strengthen security arrangements are some of the maintenance services provided to phpBB at Zealicon Technologies.

Features of phpBB3:

  • Modular design for the admin control panel, moderator control panel, and user control panel
  • Support for multiple database management systems, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, OpenLink Virtuoso, and other ODBC-accessible DBMSs
  • Support for unlimited levels of subforums
  • Ability to create custom-defined BBCode
  • Ability to create custom profile fields
  • Permissions system

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