Flash Audio Player
Flash is the only solution if you are looking for a highly interactive site with advanced capabilities for user satisfaction. Integrated development environment (IDE) that combines Flash Player, a virtual machine used to perform or analyze files and flash multimedia authoring, which is used to create an image, video, etc., the development of Flash allows you to create rich interactive interfaces user for display and presentation of content online.

Our Flash knowledge covers:
  • Flash Animation
  • Flash Scripting (AS2, AS3)
  • Flash Audio/Video Streaming
  • Flash Widgets
  • Flash Rich Internet Applications
  • Flash Web Introduction page
  • XML Integration
  • Database Integration
  • Music Player
  • Flash based Video Player
  • Map Application
  • FLEX
  • Full Compact
  • activity playlists
  • Equalizer Display
  • Customization
  • Dreamweaver integration
  • Working without Dreamweaver
  • Valid W3C (X) HTML

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